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Senior Support Worker – Job Vacancy

Job Profile

The role of senior support worker is that of a support worker, but with additional roles and responsibilities. In addition to undertaking regular support responsibilities, a senior support worker will be expected to oversee the day to day running and management of a service. This includes ensuring that the Service User or Users within the service is, or are, involved in all aspects of their care; that other staff respect their right to make choices; and that the Service User or Users has, or have, a full and meaningful activity schedule which is adhered to by all members of the team.

A senior support worker is responsible for leading and supervising a team and developing a level of team cohesion which will enable the consistent application of the Service User or Users Support Plan, Medication Regime and Protocols, Risk Assessments, Positive Behaviour Support Plan and Behaviour Protocols.

A senior support worker will report directly to the Service Manager. This includes the timely reporting of any problems or concerns as well as assisting the Service Manager in the completion of audits, timesheets, mileage sheets, mandatory Health and Safety checks and other weekly or monthly designated requirements as delegated by the Service Manager.

As an essential part of self-development, a senior support worker will, if needed, be able to act up in the absence of the Service Manager. This may include, devising and managing rotas and covering shifts, providing supervision to others, and undertaking or delegating audit and other such tasks where deemed appropriate.

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