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Service Manager – Job Vacancy

Job Profile

The role of Service Manager is to oversee the day to day running and management of up to 3 supported living services. This is essentially an administrative role with no requirement for the practical or ‘hands on’ support of service users.

A Service Manager is responsible and accountable for ensuring the efficient and effective operational management of all designated services within their remit. This includes leading and supervising support teams and developing a level of cohesion within each team which will enable the consistent and successful support of Service Users. Service Managers are also responsible for all aspects of Quality Assurance, including accurate and timely reporting and the submission of required documentation to both the Director and other senior management staff and any regulatory authorities as required, and for overseeing the regular audit of services, including those relating to Medication, Health and Safety, and Service User finances.

A Service Manager will report directly to the Director of Learning Disabilities Services. This includes the timely reporting of any problems or concerns pertaining to any aspect of any service or services. Service Managers will ensure the completion of staff timesheets and mileage sheets, and that these and any other weekly or monthly paperwork for each service is forwarded to the Director by the designated date.

As an essential part of self-development, a Service Manager will, if needed, be able to act up in the absence of the Director. Service Managers will be expected to conduct, oversee or organise regular staff supervisions, annual appraisals, and inductions and keep records of these. You will also assist the director in managing any disciplinary processes.

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