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Calma House

Calma House provides a unique service that aims to bridge the gap between residential or hospital placements and more independent living. Aldanat Care is an award winning provider that has built an excellent reputation for delivering quality care and support for people suffering the effects of mental illness.

As the national trend towards community care has developed more and more people are being given the opportunity to live in less restrictive environments than traditionally offered. However, the jump from either a residential / nursing home or hospital to a community placement can be an extremely stressful time and is a period of high risk in terms of matching the support with a new set of needs.The uniqueness of this service model is in its flexibility and ability to adapt to an individual’s evolving needs. The service is delivered at various levels with support and care tailored to meet individual needs, with the benefit for individuals of being able to move between the different levels as needs evolve.


Calma House is a shared home with a capacity for up to 6 people, it is a unique placement for individuals that require specialist care and assessment. The Home is designed to reduce the effects of the transition from residential care to the community and has facilities to help assess and develop living skills.

Residents will be offered the opportunity to learn living skills and encouraged to take part in activities in the community. This prepares them for the time when they are able to move into independent living. For example, our staff will assist individuals with:

accessing local community services and activities
daily-living skills
liaising with social services
Educational and recreational trips.

CQC Registration for Mental Health Services is all under a new located named ‘Clearhaven’ 

Community Placements

Calma House is designed to be a placement that provides the opportunity to accurately assess a person and support the development of independent living skills. A carefully managed move to a community placement follows with the intensity of support dictated by individual needs. The Company offers a range of placements ranging from small shared accommodation to sole occupancy units. The care and support will continue to be provided by the Aldanat team and will consist of Registered Nurses and support workers. The accuracy of the assessment at Calma House should ensure a positive successful transition to a community placement, but further assessment and residence at Calma House will be available should the need arise. This flexibility of service provision is designed to avoid the need for hospitalisation in the event of a community placement breakdown, which is currently the only other alternative in these circumstances.


Reablement is the model the service is designed around, with the emphasis of on working with individuals instead of for them. In practice, this means assisting people with illness or disability to regain the capacity to live as independently as possible. As well as providing physical support, reablement is also about a person’s psychological and social health, building a person’s confidence and improving well-being. In this way, reablement is an active means of including individuals in their care by setting shared goals, positive risk taking and allowing people to own their individual recovery and development.

Referral and Assessment

Please contact us in the first instance to discuss the service, assessment and referral processes.


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