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Seaview House

Aldanat Care provides psychiatric nursing care at Seaview Nursing Home in Clacton-on-sea, Essex. The company director Natalie Wylie Manages this location, she is also aRegistered Nurse (Mental Health) qualified and hold various other associated qualifications. As such, although Aldanat Care is a business, the emphasis is on providing the highest quality care and support possible, with informed management dictating its direction.

The company and Seaview House Nursing Home started trading in 2008, having evolved from Seaside Lodge Nursing Home , its former name and trading company. Seaside Lodge was successful in building a reputation for providing quality care for individuals suffering the effects of various mental health problems, often where similar establishments had failed. Seaview House has continued in a similar vein and has added value by promoting a sense of ownership and involvement in everything it does for the individuals it supports. Measuring effectiveness and quality in mental health care can be a subjective undertaking. The company continually appraises the service it provides by asking those receiving care, their families and other health professionals involved with the Home whether that service meets expectations and how it can be improved. Quality is therefore at the forefront of everything we do. Seaview House is not a Home providing minimum standards that does ‘just enough’.

The key to providing the quality care synonymous with our name and reputation is our staff. At least one company director works at the Home each day of the week, and a valuable continuum of management and direction has developed as a result. Our Registered Nurses are all specialist mental health qualified and have come to us from various divisions of the National Health Service, providing access to a wealth of experience and skills. The care staff are an informed, skilful team who are all qualified to, or working towards, a minimum NVQ level 2 in care. Our domestic and kitchen staff complete the portfolio, and provide another valuable source of support and compassion for our residents, in addition to their intended roles. The emphasis is on team working and a genuine desire to improve the lives of the people we are fortunate enough to work with.

Complementing the wealth of in-house skill, experience and knowledge is the support our residents receive from external services. The Home has developed good relationships with mental health services and commissioners, General Practioners, pharmacy services and occupational health services. As a direct result our residents benefit from access to a range of professionals offering assessment and treatment for all of their physical and mental health needs. In addition, the Home proactively arranges screening where risks are known to develop. A healthy diet and exercise are valuable tools in maintaining overall well being, and the Home prides itself on the balanced, nutritional diet and access to exercise and recreation it provides.

The Home itself benefits from an ideal location in terms of community and recreational access, and provides good opportunities to promote development and involvement. We have strived to provide an environment that not only offers the essential clinical qualities required to support individuals with sometimes very complex needs, but also retains that sense of home for those living here. From the feedback we have received from all individuals involved with the Home, we are achieving this balance.


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